Do you have any songs that pump you up for the gym? Everytime I hear a new song with a great beat I can't wait to test it out on a run or at the gym. I recently heard this song on the radio and loved it! The beat is great and makes me want to run my heart out on the treadmill! I suggest you try it....I guarantee you will have a great workout! What are some songs that you like to listen to at the gym!?

    Songs You Love to Play at the Gym

Sara Bareilles- Gravity; I love love love this song! I first heard it on So You Think You Can Dance, which by the way is my favorite show. Kayla and Kupono performed the routine, coreographed by Mia Michaels. It is absolutely beautiful and so powerful! Take a look, and I am sure you will fall in love in love with it as well!
Missy Higgins- Where I Stood
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I found this song on Pandora, when I was listening to Imogen Heap radio. I love her voice, and the lyrics are so powerful. One of my best friends is going through a break up, with my boyfriend's best friend. It is kind of hard on everyone, but this song really illustrates what it is like to let go.