I had a great weekend with all the fun activites planned, but it didn't exactly go as I outlined in the previous post! Saturday was scorchingly hot out, so the girls and I decided to skip the park and have some fun in doors instead. Going to the mall wasn't a much better idea, however, because there were so many people doing back to school shopping, and the fact that it was tax-free weekend didnt help! We remembered that my favorite yogurt bar, Tutti Frutti, was having its grand opening party and was giving out free yogurt from 11-1pm! FREE! So, at around 12 noon, we opted for a delicious and nutritious yogurt lunch!
Blueberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Banana Yogurt, topped with Mangos, Kiwis, Strawberries, and Granola!
Posing with my Yogurt and the festive decor!
For Dinner, to continue Courtney's Birthday celebration, we went to this new restaurant called Crave that is located right acrosss the street from the Millenia Mall. It is a very nice restaurant with a very eclectic menu. I got an asian noodle salad that was delicious! Brett got a crab cake, and Courtney got this delicious gourmet macaroni and cheese! I unfortunately forgot my camera on this venture, so I could not post any pictures! Sorry!
I snagged this picture off the website of the salad that I ordered! It was very different, but definitely delicious!
Sunday morning was equally as hot, and I unfortunately could not bring myself to wake up and run 7 miles in the heat, with no breeze, and the sun glaring down on me and reflecting off the pavement, making me want to pass out! (I clearly talked myself out of it with deep thought, as I was laying comfortably in my bed!) Instead, I told myself that I would just run later that evening when the sun was setting so it wouldn't be so hot out. Perfect plan, I decided! Brett and I started the day off by looking through the newspaper for good coupons we could use at the grocery store. Our fridge and pantry were completely bare and we had literally nothing to eat in the house except for a box of 50 Kudos Brett bought as an impulse buy when we were at BJ's Wholesale Club about 2 weekends ago! While I clipped coupons, Brett cooked us up a gourmet breakfast, which started off the day perfectly.
Egg white omlete with tomatoes, and reduced fat colby jack cheese!
There's Brett being the Chef in the background!
We spent about an hour and a half at the grocery store, going down every isle, and making sure to cross off all the items on our list. We clearly did some damage at the store!
At least we totaled almost $40.00 in savings!
This receipt made it on the fridge! It was so nice to open the pantry and the fridge after we stocked it up with all of our goodies. I love opening the fridge and seeing it packed with delicious foods. Makes me very excited to eat! So, for lunch, even though we did a humongous grocery shop, we met up with Len and Jagi, and their family from Poland, at Brio Tuscan Grill at the Millenia Mall. Even though it is so close to our apartment, Brett and I had never been there. The service was great and the food was very flavorful. Our waitress was extremely sweet, and even vrought us out an appetizer of Bruscetta to share on the house! I ordered a lunch combo with a Margehrita Pizza, and the Chopped Salad. I indulged in lots of carbs at this lunch; even the bread they brought out with the drinks was excellent!
After lunch, I had some serious monthly cravings for something sweet! We didn't buy anything dessert-like at the store, of course, so I made Brett take me to get something to satisfy my craving! I tried to stay somewhat healthy and picked out some dark chocolate Raisinets. They were the perfect solution, and I didn't feel that bad about it because it says, on the back of the package,  that this snack is a natural source of Antioxidants from both the Fruit and the Dark Chocolate, which helps maintain good health.
Delicious and Healthy Sweet Snack.
 So, by the time we got home from lunch and my little errand, it was about 3:00. We decided to rest a little bit before I began my workout, and watched a movie, while I snacked on my bowl of Raisinets. I ended up passing out on the couch, and when I woke up, the sky was black with rain clounds and my plan to run my 7 miles, that I put off earlier, was pretty much shoved out the door! Brett and I agreed it was best to get off the couch and down on the floor for some Ab Ripper X (a 15 minute ab workout from the Famous P90X Program) to make ourselves feel better about not wanted to go to the gym. After a sad attmept at that, we got up, looked at each other, and decided we were going to be lazy lumps and have a "Fat Night" by going to Ale House, drink beer, eat fried foods, and watch football. We told ourselves that we will be good again tomorrow now that we went grocery shopping and will continue our workout routine then. The beer and chicken fingers that I ordered were delicious and hit the spot while we were sitting out on the porch, watching football while the rain poured down outside. After the game, Brett had the genious idea to take our night up a notch, and talked me into ordering the Capt'n Jack's Buried Treasure. It didnt take much for his to talk me into it, and boy was it a treat!
The vanilla ice cream and cookie crust went oh-so-good with the gooey carmel toffee middle and the chocolate fidge drizzle. I was ready for bed after this one. Back to work in the morning! And back to the gym!!

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