Friday is finally here! I feel like I have been waiting for this day to come for months! I started off the morning strong with my usual spin class, and a little extra weight training. I was pretty hungry when I got home, so I decided to make a miniature egg white, canadian bacon, and cheese omlete, which hit the spot as I gobbled it down in 5 bites!
I get to leave work early today at 1:30pm for the holiday weekend, and Brett and I are heading straight down to West Palm Beach for the long weekend! We have a jam-packed weekend ahead of us, and the plans are as follows:

·         At 10 am in the morning I have my first dress fitting! I am bringing some of my bridesmaids, and my mother of course, so it should be quite an exciting event!
·         Straight from the dress fitting, I will be heading down to Fort Lauderdale with the girls to celebrate Nicole’s boyfriend, Jordan’s birthday! She rented a picnic area for us at a park that has zip line wakeboarding! We are all going to grill, drink beer, wakeboard, and celebrate the day there, so that should be fun!
·         While I am at the fitting, Brett will be golfing with Paul in Fort Lauderdale, and will meet us at the park afterwards.
·         Saturday night, after Brett’s parents arrive at the Marriott, we will be meeting up with them that evening for dinner.

·         Bright and early in the morning, Paul is coming up to take our engagement photos! I am so excited!
·         After the photos, we will probably head back to the hotel to set up for the engagement party that my parents are throwing us! Should be a great time with so many people! The party starts at 5pm.
·         Sunday evening will consist of drinking wine, gossiping with guests, and maybe even a little hot tube time after sunset! J

·        A day of relaxing...hopefully, and maybe a nice early morning run on the beach!

·        At 10am in the morning, we have our first wedding site visit at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida! My mom and Dad are coming with us, it should be a treat! I am excited to see what it is like!
·        Afterwards, we are heading back to Orlando! Phew! What a weekend!
Today Brett and I have plans to go golfing!! Well, not really golfing because I am just learning, but to the driving range to practice. 

I woke up bright and early to go to the gym before hitting the links. (I love saying that :) ) I also made Brett and I a healthy breakfast sandwich to fuel us for the day.
So Colorful!
I scrambled up 2 egg whites with a little pepper in the skillet and topped them with a little fat free cheese, toasted an engligh muffin and warmed up a slice of canadian bacon, then put it all together. I have never bought canadian bacon at the store before, but thought it might kick up a breakfast sandwich a notch....and it did! It added a really good salty flaver and made the sandiwch what it was! I enjoyed a cup of Newman's Own Organic coffee on and fresh blueberries and strawberries on the side.  
Blurry.....nom, nom, nom....
I love trying new athletic things, like sports, or running races and triathlons. It is great to get outside and practice and when you hit that ball straight in the air, it feels so good! I was impressed with myself today at the range and actually made contact with almost every ball. (And that is way better than I have done the previous times I have been there!)

We played at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and we love the service there. They also give Rosen Student a great discount, and since I went there, I consider myself one....still. :D
Posing before the swing!
There's the pro!
That was fun!

After we hit up the driving range, I begged Brett to come to the mall with me because Macy's was having a huge sale! I really wanted to pick out a pretty dress for our engagement photos and engagement party my mother is throwing us when we go down on Labor Day. There was so much great stuff I probably could have spent all day there, but Brett was getting anxious so we had to actually leave. I think I found one though, Let me know what you think:
Bright in Orange?
Or Calming Green?
I worked up an appetite at the mall and was excited to make lunch! I made a delicious hummus wrap with carrots, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, green pepper and calamata olives. 
Greek Goodness!
The olives really make the wrap delicious! I love this kind of olive, it is my favorite!
All wrapped up! I added some carrats and sliced cucumbers to enjoy on the side.
My next plan was to lay out today, but it is currently raining, so Brett and I are going to go watch a movie. We have plans to meet up with Jessica and Michael for dinner tonight so that should be fun! So you later!
TGIF! This weekend I am heading home to see some family and friends! Since we just moved into a new apartment, Brett and I had so much that we were willing to get rid of! My mom loves having garage sales and had some things of her own to sell, so we decided to have one bright and early this saturday! We could really use the earnings for some necessities around the new apartment.

Friday Events: 
  • We got our couch delivered today! I stopped by the apt. after work before heading off home to Wellington, to check it out!

  • Garage sale bright and early!
  • Meeting some friends I haven't seen in forever for lunch!
  • Hopefully heading to the mall :)
  • Heading out on the town with some friends I have missed these last couple months!

  • I have to head home in the evening, but not before hanging out at Peanut Island on a boat in the gorgeous sun! 
Our new couch!! (and Brett's laundry!)
Our new couch came in today, minus one piece! But I couldn't resist putting it up! I love how it looks! I will have to post the finished living room once it is done!!


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