T.G.I.T. (Thank Goodness It's Thursday!) has become Brett and I's new thing, because he doesn't have to work on Fridays, and we can stay up a little later together, so it's kind of exciting for me too! :)

I woke up extra early this morning to fit in a Powerflex class. I woke up almost simultaneously with my alarm clock and hopped right out of bed to get ready! I think it's because I took it easy yesterday and Tuesday and was ready for a full on workout! (Working all this overtime really puts a lot of stress on my back, and makes me extremely tired when I get home!)

After the powerflex class, I felt a lot better, but my stomach was ready for some fuel! As much as I was craving a big bowl of my cereal again, we were all out of milk, so I had to think of something else! :(

It's ok though, because my Egg McMuffin sandwich hit the spot!
Colorful Breakfast!
Egg whites, Canadian Bacon, on a 100 Calorie English Muffin, with a sweet peach on the side!
It's better than McDonald's!
Brett finally came home from his 2 nights out of town for work. Finally! You know when he's home when I get cooked big meals like these delicious Turkey Burgers! Yumm!

I had two Claussen pickles on the side. The best kosher dill on the market!
Biiiiiiiig Burger!
Biiiiig bites! Nom, nom, nom.
After dinner, Brett and I talked about the week, and our plans for the weekend, and just caught up on everything pretty much. It's surprising how much you can talk about when you haven't seen each other in 3 days!

I had a lot on my mind about wedding save the dates, going back to school, and plans for the weekend.

So, to elaborate:

1. Wedding Save the Dates: I found this website that I absolutely love, that has all types of wedding invitations and other stationary, personalized party favors, and wedding party gifts. (www.weddingpaperdivas.com)

I found these save-the-dates that I fell in love with that I wanted  to purchase after we got our engagement photos taken. I know that I have a while to think about what I want (we haven't even set a date yet!) but I was adding up totals and wasn't really into the idea of spending $100 on save-the-dates!

So, I was trying to be a DIY Bride-to-be, and think of clever ways to re-create the save-the-date I found from the website, in a cheaper version. I did some research and found some great tips from other brides that sparked an original idea of mine! I am a loyal patron of Walgreens photo, and always get my prints from them. They have really great gift ideas like calendars, mugs, mouse pads, and collages. I am working on a design of my own that would only cost .29 cents a print at Walgreens! I will keep you posted on how that turns out!

2. Going back to school: I have been thinking a lot about this recently, and I think the Back to School hype that is going around right now is really pushing me into high gear. I love my job and the Marketing aspect of it, and would love to learn more about graphic design, in the Marketing industry. I talked it over with my mom and Brett and they both think that it is a great idea. I am really excited about it as well, because my company has a tuition reimbursement program that I am going to apply for. I am going to start the process, and see what happens!

3. Plans for the Weekend: This weekend, Brett and I, and his cousin Stephen, who is visiting us from Boston, are taking a trip to Tampa for our Live Family Fantasy Football Draft! Brett and I are so excited, we even typed up our players to bring with us to the draft! This weekend is perfect too, because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars in Tampa on Saturday night! We don't have tickets yet, but we are hoping to get some good priced ones, once we get into Tampa, so that should be a lot of fun!

Ahh, now that I got that off my chest I can rest a little easier! On with the rest of the week!
I have been on a cereal kick this week! I have had cereal every morning so far, and I can't get enough!

I made my usual cereal with berries, but this time I mixed my two (new) favorite cereals: Kashi Heart to Heart Cinnamon and Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond. Delicious!

I love the crunchiness of the Go Lean Crunch and the flavor of the cinnamon from the Heart to Heart! Plus I can't get enough of the little cereal hearts!
Spoon full of love!
After breakfast, I took Win out for his morning walk. Lately, the weather in the morning has been beautiful! It is probably because of all the rain and afternoon storms, but it didn't show this morning! There was a gorgeous cool breeze and no humidity. It made the walk alot more enjoyable.

The sunrise was also quite a site this morning. The sky made a really neat pattern and had such rich colors!
I love how the sun reflects off the clouds.
Pretty pattern above the trees.
So, last night I was on my own for dinner because Brett was out of town for work. I had no idea what I was going to make but had an itch for some pizza.

I thought to myself, "Hmm, I have cheese, sauce, toppings, put what to do about the crust?" I looked in the fridge and had some low carb tortillas and thought that they could make a good low carb, thin crust pizza.

Alright, let's do it! I had no idea how it was going to turn out, but I actually enjoyed it immensely!

I baked the tortiall at 400 degrees for about 5 minutes, to crisp it up. Then I added the sauce, fat free cheese, broccoli, more cheese, and oregano. I baked it for about another 10 minutes, or until the crust was a golden brown, and the cheese was melted, and wha la!
Fresh out of the oven!
Close up, very close!
After work, I really wasn't feeling the workout that I had planned. I was supposed to run 5 miles after work, but I was so tired after working a long day Tuesday, and working till 6. I decided to go for a fun cardio workout to keep me excited about working out. I took a step class which kept my energy up and kept me moving the entire time! The class is an hour long, with 45 minutes of cardio step, dance-like motions, and then 15 minutes of abs. I was definitely hurting after that! I went home pretty hungry and decided to stick to something simple, and really quick! I made a pasta bowl with some steamed string beans, tomato sauce, and a little but of parm cheese sprinkled on tip! It really hit the spot!
So colorful!
This weekend was a rainy one, but it definitely gave Brett and I some time to relax! Saturday morning consisted of Brett and I taking Win to get a hair cut and to his yearly wellness exam at the vet. Winnie gets so silly at the vet. He just freezes up into a stuffed animal and lets the doctor do anything he needs to do. He does have kind of a "Help me mommy!" look in his eyes though.
'Mommy, how's my haircut?'
We also got to start our first registry this weekend at Target. It was fun scanning all the items with the laser gun. I think we had a little too much fun with it actually! After that, it was time for lunch, and I decided to stay at home and make a sandwich. However, Brett's taste buds were going for something a little more flavorful. He headed out to Chipotle instead!
Yummy sandwich with tropical mango, strawberry, and blueberry fruit cup.
Sunday was even more rainy, but I was lucky enough to make it on my full 6 mile run early in the morning before the rain started. I headed over to Baldwin Park to run around Lake Baldwin, since I know that it is exactly 2.5 miles around. It was perfect weather because it was slightly overcast and it is so much easier to run while there is no sun beating down on you. After the run I headed to the Colonial La Fitness for a Body Works class. By the time I was heading home, it was already pouring down rain! My plan to lay out by the pool went out the door right then! Brett and I had nothing on the to-do list, so we hung around the house, watched some of our recorded shows, watched the rain, and of course went to Tutti Frutti! It is a new frozen yogurt bar, right in front of the Millenia Mall, and right down the street from our apartment. Our weekends are incomplete without a visit to Tutti Frutti!
It is a really cool concept, and a really light and healthy summer snack! All the yogurts are probiotic and kosher, and most of them are fat free! The flavors change everyday so you never know what you are going to get, and you know that it is made fresh! They also have fresh fruit like mangos, strawberries, and kiwis, which I load on top of my yogurt everytime!
Mmm, frozen yogurt is the best!


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