It is about that time for some new running shoes! It has been about a year since I purchased my last pair of Nike Shox, which I have been running in for years. I love they way they look (which probably shouldn't be the reason for picking shoes!) and I always thought that they were really good for running. I never thought of even considering another brand!

I realized that I should look into trying a new brand while I was out on a long run the other day. I could barely run because my shins started hurting extremely bad to the point where I couldn't run at the speed I knew I could be at! I knew it had to do with my shoes, especially because it is about time to replace them.
My current running shoes.
They don't look too beaten up...that's why I love black sneakers! They always look new!

I started doing some internet research on how, and where to find some real running shoes and get some professional help picking the right pair!

I found this great article that gave some really good tips, and a link to a running specialist store that will give personalized service.

How to Buy the Right Running Shoes

There was also a " How to Determine Your Foot Type" section, and I determined that I have High-arched Feet. This is what the article had to say about High-arched Feet:

High-arched Feet

You should be able to easily determine if you have high arches -- you'll notice a high and definite arch on your foot. If you do the footprint test, your print will curve inward, making the middle part of your foot look very skinny. When you push your hand against the bottom of your foot, your arch will stay rigid.

Problem? If you have high arches, you probably supinate or underpronate, which means your feet roll outwards as you run. It's very important that runners with high arches periodically re-measure their feet because running will cause their arches to gradually fall, making their feet longer.

What to Buy:
You need to look for flexible shoes with a soft midsole that absorbs shock. When buying running shoes, look for options with the words "flexible" or "cushioned" included in their descriptions.

The website actually recommended a shoe that would be good for my foot-type and a price comparison as well! The shoe they recommended was the "Asics Nimbus Women's Running Shoe." They don't look to bad either! I like them!
The pink version.
I am going to try to go to Track Shack this weekend, to see if I can get some more advice!
Finally my Week is back to normal! It takes a couple days for me to get back into the groove of things after a long weekend of fun and excitement!

There's a lot on my plate right now, and I will try to go in order!

My workouts this week are going to be intense! I have to step it into gear for the Miracle Miles Race coming up on September 25th! I will be running a lot this week! Monday was a great night at the gym! I ran 6 miles and felt great! Now I have to work on my speed, and try to get faster! I probably won't run more than 7 miles to prepare for the race, there's always extra motivation to finish when you're surrounded by other runners! I am so excited that my best friend Nicole is running it with me! It will be my first run with someone else! 

Football is BACK!!! The first week of football felt great! We went to our favorite little dive bar and pool hall, Backstage Billiards, for beer, free pool, and free food! I lost my first fantasy game against Fertile Mertle, but I have high hopes that the Man Eaters will dominate this week!
Next on the list is school! I started talking about going back to school a little while ago, and have finally started taking the first steps into getting back! I got approved for tuition reimbursement! That was for sure step number one, because that will help a great deal with financing this endeavor! It is such a process, so much paperwork, but I am so excited to start learning and getting a degree in Digital Media! Not gonna lie, I actually kind of miss school!
This weekend of course cannot go on without a little wedding planning involved! we have another venue to look at! Now, this one is totally different than our original vision. It is not on the beach, but on a lake, so it does have the same feel to it. It is a little quaint Bed and Breakfast called Town Manor right in between Orlando and Tampa. It seems like such a cute, intimate, and different place, so we are really excited to check it out!
I love the Gazebo look, and the palm trees give it a tropical feel!
We are also starting our gift registry (finally!) at Bed Bath and Beyond! I am really excited to start scanning! 

Check it out here!: Registry

Also, on the list for this weekend is Colombia!
Colombia is this fantastic spanish restaurat located in Celebration. They have a famous salad called the "1905 Salad" that they make table-side for you! That along with the delicious tastes of authentic spanish cuisine keep us going back! We just found out that this Sunday, from noon until 7pm, they are celebrating their 105th Anniversary! In honor of this long family owned and operated restaurant, they are having special "throw-back" prices! Going back to the day when coffee was only .05 cents! This is the menu they are offering, and check out those prices! We are so excited!

Chicken & Yellow Rice “Ybor” for $2.95
Boliche (eye round of beef) for $2.95
Merluza “A la Rusa” for $2.95
Columbia’s Original “1905 Salad” for $1.95
Sangria for $.95 cents
Flan for $.50 cents
Richly-brewed American coffee for $.05 cents

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So this weekend, Brett's fraternity little brother, Paul, is being so kind to help us with our engagement photos! We are so excitied that he is helping us with this, not only cause he's a good friend of ours, but because it will be a huge help on the budget! He has so many great ideas, and I am so excited to see how they come out!

Because the photos are being taken this weekend, Brett has decided to put us both on a 5-day fitness plan, to slim down for the photos, so we look our best! I was all about it and ready to "Bring It!" as they say in P90X.

Brett's plan is a low-carb, low-calorie, high intensity exercise plan. The menu will consist of the following...for all 5 days. (Woo-hoo how exciting dieting is! hehe)

·         2 egg whites
·         1 fat free/light yogurt
·         1 6oz glass of Odwalla Original Superfood Micronutrient Fruit Juice Drink

·         ¼ pound of reduced sodium chicken breast from the deli, with deli mustard, wrapped in an iceberg lettuce leaf
·         Side of tomato and cucumber salad with balsamic vinegar and pepper

·         Piece of fruit

·         Lean meat such as pork or chicken, or fish
·         Non-starchy Vegetable

The Fitness Plan is as follows:
All daily routines consisted of either 3 or 4 exercises, of 4 sets each, starting with very heavy weight and less reps, down to lighter weights and more reps.

·         10 min cardio warm-up
·         Chest
·         Ab Ripper X (From the P90X series)

·         10 min cardio warm-up
 ·         Shoulders
·         Obliques

·         10 min cardio warm-up
·         Biceps 
·        Ab Ripper X

·         10 min cardio warm-up
·         Triceps  
·         Legs

·         My usual morning spin class
·         Back
·         Lower Abs & Obliques

We are gonna be some hott dawgs!
It feels like it has been a while since my last race, which was the Disney Princess Half Marathon in March, but it was only last month! I love the determination it takes to train for something like that and it feels so great to finally cross the finish line! I know I will do another Half Marathon again, but I want to do a few smaller races until then. Maybe one day I will even complete a full marathon! Here are some of the races I am considering participating in:

            - I Drive 5k Run
            - 12th Annual Miracle Miles 15k and 5k presented by Chick-fil-A
            - 5th Annual Orlando Women's Triathlon
            - Moss Park 5th Annual Forest Run
I finally downladed my marathon picture, from the Disney's Princess Half Marathon! I look pooped! I was sooo proud (and happy) to finally cross that finish line, even though my face def doesnt show it! My goal time was 2:30:00 and i made it in just one min over! I was so happy!! Now i know that I can start in a coral farther up than the last one!! Even though I was so tired after I finished, I was so excited to try it again next year!

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