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Today was such a different morning for a Floridian! When I got into my car, it was covered in frost! It took 5 minutes for me just to defrost all the windows!
Isicles on my window!
I swear it must have snowed last night because every patch of grass I drove by on my way to work looked white! I almost pulled over three times just to take a picture of it! I did snap this one at a stop light though, but it's not even the best shot! Pretty crazy!
Work was pretty slow today since everyone is still on vacation through the new year, so I spent the majority of the day looking at wedding flowers! Here are my favorite ideas
Brett and I have been talking about getting a Christmas tree since we have moved in together, but we have never found the time....until now!

Brett's mom gave us all his old ornaments from when he was a kid, so that we would have some to put on the tree. It really makes the apartment feel like the Holiday's are here, and lights up the whole living room! 
This year was such a special Christmas, because my parents and brother came up to Tampa to celebrate all the festivities with Brett's family, for the first time!

Brett's entire family pretty much lives in Tampa, so they go all out with the celebrations. I have always told my family how much fun it is, and this year they got to experience it too! Since we are going to become one big family soon, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to unite both sides of our family!

The weekend started on Thursday, with my parents driving up to Orlando to stay the night before heading to Tampa in the morning. We woke up early Friday morning and packed up the car to head to Tampa, and my parents checked into their hotel, got ready and headed over to Debi's (Brett's mom) sister Sue's house, where we celebrate Christmas Eve every year.

There is tons of food and drinks and everyone  catches up, and in this case, meets my parents a brother for the first time! There were chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, and pizza bread, and this amazing cheese and bacon dip all spread out on the bar, which you can see was delicious! We ate and drank so much, until all we could do was sit and watch the kids open their presents.
All of Brett's aunts and uncles have children...and they have children, so there were a lot of kids!! My mom and I were playing with Caroline, who is 4 now and was a newborn when I first started dating Brett! She is adorable!
We let the kids open their presents first, so they are kept busy while the adults continue eating, drinking, and eventually start the gift exchange!
The Gangsta pose was all Dad!
Opening the gifts is probably the most fun event of the night! Not only because you get a gift, but becuse of the game we play! Everyone brings a gift to the party, not addressed to anyone and sticks it under the tree when they arrive. Then, when it's gift opening time, everyone picks a number out of a basket and that is the order that everyone picks their present.

Now, there is a strategy to the game! If you like someone else's gift enough, you can choose to steal their gift instead of picking a wrapped one under the tree, making that person choose another gift! After three hands touch one gift, it is frozen so no one else can steal it! It is so fun to see what people go after, and what people will end up with! We made out pretty good!
I think Will liked his gift!
Nice One!
The best gift of the night!
The next day was even more fun! Every year, Brett's parents cook a big brunch and have their old neighbors Len and Jagy over, and this time my family as well!

We woke up bright and early at 7 am to open presents with the four of us and Len Jagy and my family all arrived at 10am, with more gifts, food, and drinks! We made bloody mary's and mimosas and continued opening gifts until noon!
Our presents under the tree!
Winnie loved his present!
So did Will... C-A-N-E-S!
The girls drinking their Bloody Mary's and Mimosas!
Finally it was time to eat, and brunch was amazing! Debi made her famous hash brown casserole, which was delish! We also made a breakfast casserole which had english muffins, sausage, eggs, cheese, and bacon! It was all you needed for a breakfast feast! There were also warm croissants and bacon, and a fruit salad! Yum! 
My Plate...I picked on some fruit afterwards, don't worry!
Jagy's delicious Kolaczki- or Polish Cookies!
After brunch, it was time for everyone to nap and I went back to the hotel with my parents for a little to spend some time with them. Their hotel was the Marriott on Clearwater Beach and there was an awesome Boardwalk that we took a stroll on, but it was so windy! 
Cold and blowing away!
Yeah....I think this is as good as it can get!
After our walk on the boardwalk, we went back to the room to get out of the wind and rest a little before heading back over to Brett's parent's house for prime rib dinner! More family were there to greet us when we arrived and more food and wine were consumed! I think I was in a food coma by then, so the rest of the night went un-photographed!

As you can tell, we all had a fantastic Holiday and I am so glad I got to spend it with both my families! 

Can you imagine.... next Christmas Brett and I will be married!
I totally did not expect to find my dress so soon, but when my mom and I saw it, we just knew that it was the perfect one! We had an appointment at Alfred Angelo, to try on their dresses, and it wasn't until the 4th one that we went, "Wow!" It is totally different than what I had invisioned, but it is perfect!!

You know you picked the right dress when you leave the store and can't wait to try it on again! Makes me want to get married tomorrow!

Anyways, I am not going to post a picture of the dress, because you know who might see this post, but I will post the picture of the runner up! This is the dress that didn't make it home:
My mom and I did great at the store and got earings, a gorgeous vail with swavorski  crystals, and a headpiece!

They said that it could take up to 3 months to get the dress in after it is ordered. Which is good i guess, since I ordered it 9 months in advance!

One more item on the to-do-list marked off!


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