It is the week of Thanksgiving, and I am so excited for this year's festivities! My cousin, Liz, and brother, Will, are coming into town tomorrow night to break up their long 7 hour drive from Tallahassee. I can't wait to see them! It has been forever!!
Liz, Will, and Me when Will turned 21!
  • I think the above picture was taken the last time I saw them! Which was wayyy too long ago!

    This year my mom has given Liz and I the task of cooking Thanksgiving Dinner, which should be a real treat, since neither of us have any idea how to cook a turkey! We usually celebrate with the Arruda's, who have been family friends since I was born! This will be the first time in years that we will not be celebrating with them, though. Since it just isn't right to not see them, we have set up a night to catch up anyways.

    Friday night is going to be a very special night for Brett and I, and Cindy Arruda! We are going to ask her to be out officiant at the wedding. It bothered both of us to have a stranger read us our vows, and thought that it would be amazing to have someone so close to the family, and such a great writer, read them to us. 

    After Thanksgivin, my mom, Liz, and I all wake up really early and go to the mall for a Black Friday shopping spree! This weekend is going to rock! Can't wait!

    Sorry for not posting lately, been a busy girl! But look forward to the following upcoming posts:
  • I Found My Wedding Dress!!
  • Our Wedding Registry & Website
  • My First DIY Wedding Project!
This past weekend was such a great getaway! We made our way down to Key West to enjoy Fantasy Fest in style! My friend Nicole's boyfriend, Jordan, is a pilot and actually flew us down to Key West in our own private plane! It was amazing!
Nicole and I in front of the plane!
Flying over the keys!
We stayed at the Westin Key West Resort and Marina, where the cruise ships dock! The resort was beautiful and in the perfect location! We walked up and down Duvall Street so many times, cause it was only 1 block away! 
Some of the highlights of the trip included amazing seafood, perfect weather, chocolate key lime pie, drag queens, ghost tour, and just walking around checking out all the crazy costumes!
So yummy!
Being Silly!
Posing on the dock!
Our Ghost Tour Guide!
It was such a great getaway! Brett was even trying to figure out a way to move there and live there! The "Ultimate Florida Lifestyle" as he likes to call it. I did not disagree. It is the perfect place, for adults especially, to just chill, party, and enjoy life! Can't wait to go bacK!
We did it! Our wedding date is final and we have chosen the perfect venue! It is the South Seas Island Resort in Captiva, Florida. 
I can't wait to start planning, and coming up with ideas for the wedding! I feel like my brain is bursting with ideas and I can't wait to go into wedding planing mode! I know we have a year, since the wedding is on October 9th, 2011, but I know it will fly by so fast!

We loved this property because of the Kings Crown Lawn! It was exactly what Brett and I wanted and we thought it was the best location. It has the view of the ocean and beautiful palm trees, without the sand!
Kind of a small picture!
You can check out the property at It really is beautiful!

Now that we have finally decided on the perfect location, all the litte details fall into place. The next step is to finalze the contract, and work with the caterer on menus and other details. I think I am jumping the gun on this one, but I am already researching florists and design companies to help me with decor! So Fun!


    Hi! My name is Jane and I am 24 years old, working in Marketing and Sales. I love to write, workout, and eat healthy, and look forward to sharing my thoughts, recipes, and wedding planning with others as I live a healthy and happy lifestyle each and every day!


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