Now that I am back into the groove of working, and my usual schedule, it is back to healthy eating! I packed a lunch to bring to work today to keep on track!
Turkey sandwich, with Deli Mustard! It makes the sandwich!
This week is flying by! Since I was out on Monday there was a lot of catching up to do at work, and evryone is getting ready for our Food and Wine Classic that will be going on this weekend! It is a first time event, and I get to go help with the videography and photography!
I am excited to see the event as well, it looks like a lot of fun and I am so glad I get to take part in it! You can read all about it at the website here: 

This weekend, I also wanted to start thinking of Halloween costume ideas, for our trip to Fantasy Fest in Key West in 2 weeks! Should be a blast! Nicole and I were thinking about being fairies, but there are so many different kinds! :) Should I be a good fairy, or a bad fairy? I guess we will see!
Good morning! Wake up Winnie, it's time for your walk!!
I'm tired mommy!
Ok, seriously, not funny mom!
On our morning walk this morning the weather was beautiful! I was actually cold! I love when the seasons change this time of year! The weather is perfect for picnics, going to the park, and especially running! 

I even opened the balcony door this morning to let the cool breeze in, and guess to loved it!?
The Win!
This past weekend Brett and I made our trip to the west coast of Florida, to find the perfect wedding venue! It was a crazy and hectic schedule but we made it! This was our schedule of events for the weekend:

   - I worked a half day, until 12:30pm
   - Brett picked me up right from work and we headed to his parents house to drop off the Win.
   - Our first appointment was at 2:30pm and it was at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater.
   - Right after that at 4pm, we had another site at the Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete Beach 
   - Met up with Brett's Parents, and cousins, at Ozona Blue, a great restaurant on the Marina   
Lobby at the Sandpearl
Ozona Blue!
Nathan is about to eat a lemon!
Uh oh! He ate it! Sour face!
   - Woke up early to head down to Naples, FL
   - 10am first appointment at the Ritz Carlton
   - Lunch Break
   - 12:30pm our next appointment at La Playa Resort
   - 4pm last appointment of the day at the Naples Beach and Golf Resort
   - Check into our hotel room at Holiday Inn :)
   - Dinner at Carrabba's
Our First Stop
Wedding wet up at the Ritz.
Happy Hour lunch break at Applebee's
Trying to Kill time at lunch, playing the I Love You Because Game!
Lobby at the La Playa Resort
Example wedding setup at La Playa! So beautiful!
Shh...we took a break at McDonald's for a 3pm snack!
A very fancy McDonalds I should say!
Wedding setup at the Naples Golf and Beach Resort
At dinner they had pitchers of wine! Score!

   - Headed out early to our first appointment at the Sundial Resort in Sannibel at 10am (Which I didn't tke pictures of, becuase you do not want to see it! bleh!)

   - Our last appintment of the day was at the South Seas Resort in Captiva at 12:30pm (We think this is the one! So you don't get to see it either! hehe Not yet anyways!)

   - Made our way back to Tampa, to watch football at the Brick House restaurant with our friends Loreyn and Thomas

The restaurant was so cool! It had a huge patio with tons of flat screen TV's and played every football game! Inside, they even had couches set up with TV'S in front of them like you are sitting in your own living room! So Cool! and the food was amazing! I got a chicken parm sub with a side cesar salad!

My Delicious Chicken Parm sub at Brick House!

   - We had one more site visit at the Sheraton Sand Key at 10am and Brett's parents came with us! It wasn't a very fun visit though, and only took us about 10 minutes to know it wasn't the right place. 

   - Finally done! We headed to Pickles Plus, which is a really great deli over looking the Gulf! 

It was cool because right outside our window there was "Crew Parking" for the movie they are filming there call Dolphin Tale, or something like that. I guess it is a Disney movie with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd! We tried to sneak a peak at their trailers, but couldn't find them! :)

After lunch we heading back to Orlando, where I had a dentist appointment. Bleh! Then it is back to work!

Our View from the deli.
My tuna melt!
Crew Parking!
So that was our weekend! It was action packed! 

After touring 8 venues, Brett and I think we found the perfect place for our wedding! We really loved the feeling of the South Seas Resort in Captiva. It had everything we loved! The green grass, a great beach Luau area, beautiful rooms, and so many activities for our guests, and for us! I really think it is going to be a fantastic venue!

There are so many things to go over still, and we need to work out some details and budgeting! I am so exited to start planning the colors and just everything! But that will definitely com e a little later, and I will let you know my ideas! I have to many!

As for the rest of the week, I am trying to get back into the groove of things. Work was pretty hectic today, and I have lots of things to do before bed! Plus Brett is making me chicken parm tonight! Yum!



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