TGIF! This weekend I am heading home to see some family and friends! Since we just moved into a new apartment, Brett and I had so much that we were willing to get rid of! My mom loves having garage sales and had some things of her own to sell, so we decided to have one bright and early this saturday! We could really use the earnings for some necessities around the new apartment.

Friday Events: 
  • We got our couch delivered today! I stopped by the apt. after work before heading off home to Wellington, to check it out!

  • Garage sale bright and early!
  • Meeting some friends I haven't seen in forever for lunch!
  • Hopefully heading to the mall :)
  • Heading out on the town with some friends I have missed these last couple months!

  • I have to head home in the evening, but not before hanging out at Peanut Island on a boat in the gorgeous sun! 
Our new couch!! (and Brett's laundry!)
Our new couch came in today, minus one piece! But I couldn't resist putting it up! I love how it looks! I will have to post the finished living room once it is done!!
I recently have been very into buying organic products, and trying out new things from the GreenWise section of Publix, or at Whole Foods. My intention was to purchase foods that were healther for my body to consume, not realizing the benefits that it has on local farmers and the enviornment! I came across this great article which explains the benefits of buying orgain products! Check it out: Buying Organic Products

I have purchased some organic products, but noticed that the cost is higher than others, and when you are living paycheck to paycheck, .30 cents is a lot! I clicked around in the article to find out more information, and decided to post this list of which fruits and vegetables are known to carry the most pesticides, even after being washed. They call it the "Dirty Dozen!"

If you're going to splurge on organic produce, Buy the "Dirty Dozen" organic.
           * Peaches
           * Apples
           * Bell Peppers
           * Celery
           * Nectarines
           * Strawberries
           * Cherries
           * Kale
           * Lettuce
           * Imported Grapes
           * Carrots
           * Pears

To save some money, the "Clean 15" are the fruits and veggies lowest in pesticides:
           * Onions
           * Avocados
           * Sweet Corn
           * Pineapple
           * Mangos
           * Asparagus
           * Sweet Peas
           * Kiwi
           * Cabbage
           * Eggplant
           * Papaya
           * Watermelon
           * Broccoli
           * Tomatos
           * Sweer Potatos

You can download the "Shoppers Guide to Pesticides" to your iphone by clicking here!
It feels like it has been a while since my last race, which was the Disney Princess Half Marathon in March, but it was only last month! I love the determination it takes to train for something like that and it feels so great to finally cross the finish line! I know I will do another Half Marathon again, but I want to do a few smaller races until then. Maybe one day I will even complete a full marathon! Here are some of the races I am considering participating in:

            - I Drive 5k Run
            - 12th Annual Miracle Miles 15k and 5k presented by Chick-fil-A
            - 5th Annual Orlando Women's Triathlon
            - Moss Park 5th Annual Forest Run
This week I have done a lot of cooking for Brett and I. I found some great recipes from websites, such as, which i think is my favorite right now. On Monday I made bourbon salmon, sweet potato fries and a blue cheese salad. 
Great Flavors together!
The salad was a pre packages publix premium brand salad with all the fixin's and was delish!! The salmon was also pre seasoned with the bourbon flavor and took about 3 min. to cook which was great, and also very delicious!! This was my first time making sweet potato fries and they were definitely good, but I think next time I will make them a little thicker. I tossed them in a little olive oil and sprinkled a little bit of Lawry's seasoning, garlic salt, and paprika for flavoring! Yum!
Enjoying Irish Coffee and Peanut butter Balls
We needed a little something sweet, so I made us some peanut butter balls! I mixed up some banana flavored dry oats, a little sugar, peanut butter, and rolled them in cocoa. After cooling them in the fridge for a little while, they made a very tasty treat, especially when we paired it with irish coffee. 
Tuesday night I made us a healthy pasta treat. The recipe called for the following ingredients:
  • Pasta
  • Grape tomatoes, halved
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms
  • 1 Lemon
  • Pre-cooked, previously frozen shrimp
  • 1 cup White Wine
  • Olive Oil
The pasta we had we actually got form a local farmer's market and was high protein and low carb, which we both loved! I sauteed the veggies in a little olive oil and seasoned with garlic salt. I added the shrimp and heated until hot. Then squeezed in the juice from half a lemon and poured in the white wine to form a sauce and wha-la! It was very light and satisfying, and looks nice garnished with some lemon wedges!

Wednesday night i just heated up some left over pasta, added some grilled zucchini, marinara sauce and a dollop of ricotta cheese.
Big, fat, 'dilla!
Thursday night was a proud dinner night for me!! I made a veggie quesadilla stuffed with sauteed onions, peppers, and mushrooms, and fat free cheddar cheese on whole wheat tortillas. I added some broccoli and salsa on the side for a little something extra!
Big, fat, cookies!
I don't bake very well, at all, but I would love to start!! I did NOT make these cookies but someone from the office did and gave me some to take home. Boy are they delicious, and HUGE! I enjoyed one of these bad boys after dinner! 
Today I had to make up for missing the gym yesterday, and eating that huge meal, so I woke up early to take a PowerFlex class. It was so worth it! I felt so good afterwards and couldn't wait to eat my bowl of oatmeal when I got home! Tonight I get to go out to dinner again for my work's "Coordinator Outing." We are going to Pointe Orlando to visit the Funky Monkey Wine Company and Taverna Opa! I love the hummus at Taverna Opa and how you get to make it yourself! Yum!

I am really excited about how my music page is turning out! Check it out! I always love finding new music to jam to! Click here.
Today I wanted to take a step class at the gym at 6am, but when I woke up, my legs were so soar from the bootcamp class last night! I should have gotten up and done weights, or taken Win for a walk, but my bed just seemed so much nicer! I am still trying to get myself up early during the week to get some activity in. I'll try again tommorrow! I wanted to get a workout in this morning because I got invited to a dinner at work with some of our  partners. We will be going to Todd English's bluezoo for drinks and to Shula's Steak House for dinner! Yumm! This meal is gonan be so good...I will definitley take pictures!
Signature Salad! Love blue cheese!
The best mac 'n' cheese ever! Crab mac 'n' cheese!
I couldn't say no to the lava cake!
Since we are moving out this weekend, I am trying to use all of the food we have in the fridge so we don't have to waste it! So...that being said...what did I have in the fridge..hmmm...Whole wheat wraps, shredded cheese, and a couple spoon fulls of salsa. Quesadilla it is!!
I added some apple slices on the side, It went very well together, since the salsa was a little spicy!
Brett and I are moving this weekend! We aren't going very far though, just to a bigger apartment in the same complex! We are so excited to have more space and decorate! (Well, we are both excited about the space, but I think I am the only one excited about decorating! hehe) So pretty much this entire week we are living in a half empty apartment surrounded by boxes!
Messy Apt!
Before heading to the gym tonight, for a Bootcamp class, I am going to enjoy a mini Luna Bar- Chocolate Peppermint Stick flavor! Yum! I think Winnie wants one!!
Win sits for a Luna!
I finally downladed my marathon picture, from the Disney's Princess Half Marathon! I look pooped! I was sooo proud (and happy) to finally cross that finish line, even though my face def doesnt show it! My goal time was 2:30:00 and i made it in just one min over! I was so happy!! Now i know that I can start in a coral farther up than the last one!! Even though I was so tired after I finished, I was so excited to try it again next year!

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